CALIPHATE POST is an online newspaper founded and managed by a group of young journalists, academics and professionals from the Northern part of Nigeria who have passion and desire for contribution to the change in the thinking, attitude and behavior of Nigerians. The Newspaper publishes news as they happen as well as deep analysis and opinions on regional and national issues in both English and Hausa. The English version is CALIPHATE POST (caliphatepost.com) while the Hausa Version is CALIPHATE POST HAUSA (hausa.caliphatepost.com).


The mission of Caliphate Post is to provide highly insightful analyses of regional and national events and to always present positive sides to the Nigerian story in order to play a role in erasing the bad impression accorded the country.


The vision of Caliphate Post is to be the most credible and reliable online news source in Nigeria by painstakingly presenting insightful, objective and accurate news and analysis on regional national issues.

The Name

The name Caliphate Post came about as a result of the need to present and represent the epithet of the original birth place (Seat of the Caliphate) of the brains behind the project, majority of whom are from Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara states. The nomenclature “Caliphate” is used solely for identification purpose.

The Logo

Caliphate Post uses an intersection of letters “C” which stands for the first letter in “Caliphate” and “P” which is the first letter in “Post”, hence, it is an acronym of Caliphate Post. The intersection of the letters “C” and “P” in the logo represents the connection between the newspaper and its roots. Sky Blue and gray colours in the logo were deliberately selected. Each represents a specific quality. The sky blue colour on the “C” symbolises trust, truth and clarity. The gray colour on the “P” symbolises reliability, seriousness and modesty.

The Epithet

The epithet “… from an insightful perspective” means that CALIPHATE POST deductively analyses issues from a deep introspective rather than just extrospective viewpoint to the reader.

The Team

CALIPHATE POST has a team of well respected journalists, academics, researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and ICT specialists as well as learned public affairs analysts and commentators whose respective experiences in and contributions to national discourses are unrivaled:

Mansur Isah Buhari

Chief Editorial Advisor

MANSUR ISAH BUHARI started his career as a teacher of English language after his Nigeria Certificate in Education. He is currently a PhD IN English Language candidate at the Department of English and Literary Studies of the Bayero University,  Kano and a lecturer in the Department of English and Literary Studies of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. He had his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English language at the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. After his Bachelor’s degree, he was retained to teach at the Department of Modern European Languages and Linguistics as a Graduate Assistant. His areas of teaching and research include Systemic Functional Grammar, Rhetoric, Computer-Mediated Communication, Speech Writing. Buhari has taught News Reporting on Radio Television and Newspaper to the Mass Communication Students of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. Buhari has served as the Secretary of the UDUS chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and is a member of the English Scholars Association of Nigeria (ESAN) and is currently the Secretary of the Sokoto state chapter of the English Teachers Association of Nigeria (ELTAN) as well as the State Coordinator of the Savers Empowerment Ambassadors Initiative (SEAI). Buhari is National Teacher Development Trainer to the Reading and Numeracy Activities (RANA), an international project that promotes reading among Nigerian children. He is also the Examiner, English Language for the School of Matriculation Studies, Usmanu Danfodiyo University. Buhari is an advocate of good governance and youth inclusion and participation in Democracy and a blogger with Education, Youth and Security as his key thematic areas.

Opinion Writers for CALIPHATE POST

Prof. Nasiru Musa Yauri

1) NASIRU “Abu AbdurRahman” MUSA YAURI is a Professor of Management who has vast experience in the management of tertiary institutions having served as a Vice Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council at different points in time. He has also served as a technical expert to the African Union and is a British Council trained facilitator for the Active Citizens and other International Programmes. Prof. Yauri is an analyst and commentator on Nigerian politics, economy and governance.

Prof. Yahaya Tanko Baba

2) YAHAYA TANKO BABA is a Professor of Political Institutions and Comparative Politics. He is a member of various professional bodies such as the International Political Science Association (IPSA), American Political Science Association (APSA), Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Chicago, New York State Political Science Association (New York) among other many reputable professional bodies from across the world.  He is also a fellow of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), International Center for Violence Research (ICVR), University of Bielefeld, Germany and Institute of Qualitative and Multimethod Research (IQMR), Maxwell School of Government, University of Syracuse, New York, United States. As an advocate of Democracy, Social Justice and Humanity, Prof. Baba has featured prominently on many media platforms on numerous local, national and international issues.

Prof. Aminu Muhammad Bayawa

3) AMINU MUHAMMAD BAYAWA is a professor of Applied and Petroleum Chemistry. He has a PhD in Petroleum Geochemistry (Newcastle University, UK). His research interest is in Petroleum Chemistry as well as Renewable Fuels and Chemicals. Prof Bayawa is a well grounded scholar and a highly respected commentator on National and global issues.

Dr. Mika’ilu Ibrahim

4) MIKA’ILU IBRAHIM is an academic and human development specialist. He has a PhD in English Language with specialisation in Critical Discourse Analysis. He provides technical assistance on literacy to international development partners in Nigeria. He is a Fellow of the Common Wealth and the Secretary of the English Scholars Association of Nigeria. Dr. Ibrahim is a blunt writer whose writing style demonstrates deep understanding of power relations.

Dr. Mus’ab Isah Mafara

5) MUS’AB ISAH MAFARA is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hafr-Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Lancaster focusing on mobility of wireless devices on the Internet. He also worked as a postdoc researcher at the University of Cambridge on EU RIFE project before joining AFRINIC, Mauritius, as a research engineer. His research focus is on Internet measurement, mobility and wireless networks, Internet provision in, and mobile web frameworks, for underserved areas, and the general interaction between the different players in the Internet ecosystem. He is a campaigner and an advocate of good governance and blogs on Facebook on this and other diverse topics. Dr Mus’ab is a skillful, frank writer.

Ahmad Lawal

6) AHMAD LAWAL is a young Nigerian entrepreneur, industrialist and Agribusiness value chain specialist with many years in services working particularly in food security, climate change mitigations and Rural community Development Services. He was trained at the German Development Institute (DIE), where he studied cooperation between developed, developing countries, and development policy. Lawal’s researches cover different aspects of agriculture, private sector promotion and technology policy in developing countries strengthening agribusiness values chain to reconcile competitiveness and In socially inclusive growth. He is a former Director General Nigerian Youth Chambers Of Commerce and was a Technical Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture and is a Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Management.

Dr. Muhammad Sajo Aliyu

7) MUHAMMAD SAJO ALIYU has a Ph.D in English Language with specialisation in Language and Communication from the University of Illorin. He is a well grounded retired journalist and presently an academic. He was a Reporter, News Editor, Principal News Editor, Controller News and Current Affairs as well as Director News and Current Affairs all at Rima Television and Rima Radio. Dr Sajo was also Production Editor at The Path Newspaper Company. He is the CEO of Marhaba Media Consult and the former Chairman of the Sokoto State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). Dr Sajo is a careful writer.

Dr. Abubakar Atiku Alkali

8) ABUBAKAR ATIKU ALKALI teaches in the Department of English and Literary Studies, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in English Language from the same university and a Master’s Degree in English Language from The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. In addition, Alkali holds a PhD focused on Linguistics and English Language from The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Alkali is blunt writer and commentator.

Dr.Tijjani Salihu Shinkafi

9) TIJANI SALIHU SHINKAFI is a seasoned researcher with interest in pharmacology. He has a PhD in Biochemistry. He is the Founder/CEO of Less Privileged Empowerment Foundation (OLPEF) as well as Mentorship and Career Guidance in Nigeria (MECAGIN). Despite his scientific background, Dr Shinkafi is passionate about writing especially for and about youth.

Bashir Muhammad Achida

10) BASHIR MUHAMMAD ACHIDA has  Master’s Degree in Economics, Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance. He is a Ph.D candidate in Economics at the Department of Economics of the Bayero University, Kano. His area of research interest is Economics of Innovation. Bashir has taught virtually every aspect of the discipline. Ranging from Microeconomics to Macroeconomics, Finance to Conventional and Islamic Banking, Principles and practice, International Economics to Innovation Economics, Energy Economics to Environmental Economics, History of Economic thoughts to Mathematical Economics. Achida is a fearless commentator on national issues.

Barr. Mu’azu Liman Yabo

11) BARRISTER MU’AZU LIMAN YABO has LLB,BL. and has attended courses within and outside Nigeria. He worked both in the private and public sector in Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria. Such experience gave him the opportunity to translate his acquired knowledge and experiences and a wider understanding of our plural society.  Barrister Lima is an avid reader and like training as well. He is a deeply committed Federalist and the committed to the development of Nigeria. Liman is a generalist with interest and wide knowledge of virtually all aspects of human endeavors. A lover of wisdom and knowledge in all its ramifications and confidently brilliant.